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Day/Night design

Colour removal in the day/night design describes the process in which paint layers of parts are selectively removed and the underlying material comes visible. In a later backlighting only the cleared symbols are visible at night. Material basis of the day/night design are translucent or transparent plastics.

In this case, complete switch consoles as well as individual controls can be edited. That is why laser marking in the day/night design is often used in the automotive industry for marking control elements. Here, these elements should be light up white during the day and the brand of the car should light up in specific colours at night.

Examples for laser marking in the day/night design:


Various operational controls in the car such as buttons for the windows or also the button for operating the hazard warning lights.

Coffee machines

Buttons from coffee machines


Keyboards of telephones or computers

When working in the day/night design, the laser represents the most rational and process-reliable option. Mostly it is the only option.

With a conventional print, no day/night design can be created because the luminous area would still be covered with colour. Another advantage of laser marking over printing is durability. Straight controls which are often used show signs of wear very quickly. The laser marking in the day/night design is almost indestructible.

Examples for laser marking in the day/night design:

Laserbeschriftung auf Smart Klimablende
Tag Nach Design Ford Radioblende
Tag Nacht Design auf Mercedes SL Blende
Laserbeschriftung Start Stop Knopf
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