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Marking laser for intergation - LMI

With the LMI series, we have the perfect marking solution for every installation situation. Depending on the required wavelength and marking task, we manufacture the LMI specifically to your needs. As a compact fiber laser as well as a green laser, CO2 or UV laser. In addition to our powerful laser software and the standard customer I/O interface, we also offer many other options for integrating the laser into customer or integrator systems. By using special and high quality components we guarantee longevity and a high reliability of our laser systems. 


LMI - Fiber Laser System

Standard version

An angle adjustable laser head, as well as a laser control in a practical 19" rack, facilitate the integration. The laser head is mounted on grooved rails, making it easy to move and adjust the laser.

All laser systems have an active and monitored safety device and comply with PLe (Performance Level e).

Laser source

The LMI integration lasers can be equipped with the following wavelengths:

- Fiber laser with 1064nm
- Green laser with 532nm
- UV laser with 355nm
- CO2 laser with 10600nm

The selection of the correct wavelength depends on both the material and the desired marking result. For example, a CO2 laser can be used to create a fast tone-on-tone marking on almost any plastic. High-contrast and even colored markings, on the other hand, are achieved with a UV or fiber laser. No matter what area you are interested in - we will advise you individually and competently so that you get the perfect solution.

Data & facts

What distinguishes the marking laser LMI:

- Modular compact design
- Control of up to 6 axes
- Various laser sources
- Durable components
- Powerful software
- For series production
- Safety device
- Easy integration
- Positioning aid


Additionally available extras:

- Different labeling field sizes
- Background camera
- Z-axis software controlled
- X/Y/Z portal software controlled
- Connection options (Profinet, Modbus, etc.)
- Pulse width modulation MOPA

Materials that can be engraved

What materials can be inscribed:

- Metals
- Alloys
- Coatings
- Lacquers
- Plastics
- Ceramics
- Leather
- Foils
- Glass
- Minerals
- Wood
- and much more

Stainless steel, steel, copper, brass and aluminum can be marked very well with a fiber laser, whereas for wood a CO2 or UV laser is used.


The LMI series is particularly suitable for marking:

- Logos
- Texts
- Serial numbers
- Variable data sets
- Image engravings
- Decorative motives
- Barcodes, 2D and 3D codes such as DataMatrix or QR code

With the standard software the automatic reading of text or Excel files is possible. Depending on the settings, the laser automatically jumps to the desired row or column after each marking process and reads out the text (content) to be engraved. This content can also be used for barcodes.


The laser system can be integrated and connected to, among others:

I/O interface
APP and Smartphone


Control unit 19" (fiber laser)
Width / Depth / Height:
425mm X 425mm X 217mm*

approx. 17kg

Laser head (fiber laser)
Width / Depth / Height:
98mm X 481mm X 144mm*

approx. 6kg
*with lens

Marking on the fly

The LMI lasers can be configured as "marking on the fly" systems. This means that laser marking of the products can take place while they are moving. Belt speeds of up to 500m/s are possible. Our powerful hardware and software, ensures accurate conversion and conversion of the movement to avoid distortion.

Marking field sizes

The LMI series can be configured with the following marking field sizes:

70mm X 70mm
100mm X 100mm
150mm X 150mm
160mm X 160mm
175mm X 175mm
200mm X 200mm
208mm X 208mm
220mm X 220mm

Other XXL sizes
300mm X 300mm to 600mm X 600mm

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