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LMG Workstation

As a workstation, the LMG laser engraving machine is the perfect solution for a wide variety of marking tasks with a laser on metal, plastic, glass, wood and much more. This flexible laser engraving system is designed for small and also large objects. You can use it to mark a wide range of industrial components: serial markings, serial numbers, texts, logos, DataMatrixCodes, barcodes (2D - 3D codes) and much more. Even complex structures or artwork can be realized with it. According to your individual requirements, the LMG laser engraver can be equipped with different laser beam sources. We adapt the laser engraving machine to your needs so that you receive a first-class laser engraving device according to your requirements.


Standard version example


Individual version

The ergonomic design with the practical footrest enables fatigue-free work in series operation. In addition to the focus finder and aiming laser, the standard scope of delivery also includes the operating PC. Optionally, the LMG is also available with touchscreen operation. With a variety of interfaces and connection options, as well as its powerful laser software "beLaserMark", the LMG laser engraving machine is the all-rounder among marking lasers.

Laser source

The LMG laser engraving machine can be equipped with the following wavelengths:

- Fiber laser with 1064nm
- Green laser with 532nm
- UV laser with 355nm
- CO2 laser with 10600nm

The selection of the right wavelength depends on both the material and the desired marking result. For example, a CO2 laser can be used to produce a fast marking on almost any plastic. As a rule, however, this will be tone on tone. With a UV laser or a fiber laser, a strong contrast can be created. No matter what area you are interested in - we will advise you individually and competently so that you get the perfect laser engraving machine for your needs.

Data & facts

What characterizes the marking laser LMG:

- Modular flexible design
- Single part & series production
- Ergonomic design
- Different laser sources
- Easy operation
- Laser protection class 1
- Graphic software
- Positioning aid
- Focus finder
- Z-axis


Additionally available extras:

Different labeling field sizes
Rotation unit
Background camera
Automatic lift door
Z-axis software controlled
X/Y portal for the marking object
X/X/Z portal for the laser head
Robot handling
Connection possibilities
Pulse width modulation MOPA
Lateral feedthroughs (e.g. brush curtain)

Materials that can be engraved

What materials can be laser marked:

- Metals
- Alloys
- Coatings
- Lacquers
- Plastics
- Ceramics
- Leather
- Foils
- Glass
- Minerals
- Wood
- and much more

Stainless steel, steel, copper, brass and aluminum can be marked very well with a fiber laser, whereas for wood a CO2 or UV laser is used.


The LMG laser engraving machine is suitable, among other things, for the inscription of:

- Logos
- Texts
- Serial numbers
- Variable data sets
- Image engravings
- Barcodes, 2D and 3D codes such as DataMatrix or QR code

With the standard software the automatic reading of text or Excel files is possible. Depending on the settings, the laser automatically jumps to the desired row or column after each marking process and reads out the text (content) to be engraved. This content can also be used for barcodes.


The laser system can be integrated and connected to, among others:

I/O interface
APP and smartphone


Width / Depth / Height: (standard version)
720mm X 800mm X 1750mm*

approx. 120kg*

Threaded holes
in the whole working area
M5 at 25,00mm pitch

Possible component dimensions
width / depth:
approx. 620mm X 640mm*

*Valid for standard version / dimensions of IND variants differ.

Automatic lift door on LMG-IND and background camera.

The marking process is started automatically after closing the laser safety door. On the screen, the marking process can be followed in real time via built-in camera. The camera option also enables fast and convenient setup, as the object to be marked is displayed in real time in the laser software via the camera. The marking graphic can thus be easily placed and positioned on the imaged object.

Marking field sizes

The LMG laser engraving system can be equipped with the following marking field sizes:

LMG Standard:
70mm X 70mm
100mm X 100mm
150mm X 150mm
160mm X 160mm
175mm X 175mm
200mm X 200mm
220mm X 220mm

LMG-IND additional:
300mm X 300mm to 600mm X 600mm

The specifications purely refer to the marking field sizes in relation to the selected lens. The marking field can be extended again with an X/Y portal.

LMG-IND individual setup for individual requirements

With the LMG-IND (individual solution) we offer the possibility to adapt the laser in structure, equipment and dimension to the respective customer requirements. In addition to X/Y gantries for the component, the laser head can also be moved directly via X/Y/Z gantry. This offers maximum flexibility and degrees of freedom in the marking area.  Or would you prefer robotic handling? The laser head (in the case of the fiber laser) is freely guided in the laser cabin by a 4- to 6-axis robot. Laser marking is thus possible at any position and almost any angle.

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