Laser marking

We process both single parts as well as large series. When processing, you can always count on our expertise, speed and reliability.

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Laser marking by beLaser

Laser marking in particular has become one of the most important marking methods in recent years. Due to the continuous development of laser technology since the 1960s, today materials of various kinds can be marked, labelled, engraved or changed.

Advantages of laser marking

  • High flexibility even with constantly changing markings
  • Contactless
  • No mechanical stress
  • High throughput rates
  • Permanent readability, as water, wipe and abrasion-proof
  • High quality of laser marking
  • Applicable for almost all materials
  • Cost-effective even in small quantities
  • Acid-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly

Variants of a laser marking

With this laser one has the possibility to process the most different products, consisting of most different materials with different procedures. When it comes to laser marking, only the surface of the material is processed by the laser. However, laser engraving removes the material by evaporation in the depth.

What materials can be engraved with the laser?