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Laser systems & Marking lasers

The optimal laser for every application

The right laser marking system for every task

As individual as your product range, so individual are the requirements for the right laser system for you. beLaser has specialised exclusively in laser marking and laser engraving since 2001. In addition to our efficient and powerful standard systems, we offer you a wide range of possibilities to manufacture individually planned and in-house produced marking lasers, laser marking equipment and laser engraving machines according to your requirements.

You can use the laser marking equipment manufactured by us for the most diverse materials such as metal, plastic and various coatings. We also offer laser marking devices, especially for organic materials such as wood, leather and glass. Each marking laser is planned and manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

For the laser marking of plastics and metal engravings, we offer specially adapted marking lasers as work stations, compact table lasers, rotary table lasers and, of course, the precise and individual integration of lasers of various types into your product and production lines.

Benefit from our long-time experience and our own developments. Whether "Marking on the fly" systems or camera-supported laser markers. We offer you an extensive program of lasers for almost every application

Laser system LMF "Easy" 

The low-cost entry-level system

Marking Laser LMF "Pro"

Msw for 24/7 continuous operation with numerous extensions

Workstation LMG

Individual and series production

Workstation LMG-IND

The customised solution for maximum flexibility

Lasers for integration

Integration lasers for production lines or "marking on the fly" solutions

Customised solutions

Handling, sorting, transport system, camera inspection - customised complete solutions

Every labelling laser / marking laser is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. For the laser marking of plastics and metal engravings, we offer specially customised marking lasers both as a

✸ Workstation

✸ Compact desktop lasers

✸ Rotary table lasers

and, of course, the customised and individual integration of a wide range of lasers into product and production lines on request.

Benefit from our many years of experience and our in-house developments. Whether "marking on the fly" systems or camera-supported laser markers. We offer you an extensive programme of lasers for almost every application.

LMG Workstation laser marking machine

The laser workstation for large and small series. 

  • Customisable to your needs.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Foot rest 
  • Manual or automatic door opening
  • Manual or automatic Z-axis
  • Focus laser + pilot laser

For all power classes from 5 - 100 watts 

  • Fibre laser 1064 nm
  • Green laser 532 nm
  • CO2 laser 10600 nm
  • UV laser 355 nm


  • Camera background
  • Automatic component detection and positioning
  • Side door opening / component inlet and outlet
  • Rotation unit
  • X/y portal for laser head
  • x/y/z portal for laser head
  • 3D laser head
  • Robot handling

LMF-IND: The customised solution

Individual requirements need individual solutions. This means that the LMG can be customised precisely to customer requirements. From additional side openings for long components or as a cable feed-through, to rotating elements. For large products, an x/y gantry can be integrated to guide the component under the laser. For maximum flexibility, we also offer the LMG housing with an x/y/z gantry. This allows the laser to be guided above the product in all three dimensions. The entire labelling space is therefore available for the components. 

You can find more information about the LMG here.  

Automatic lifting door 

Handling is a significant time factor in component labelling. This quickly adds up and becomes a cost driver, especially with large quantities. We offer the automatic lifting door option for all laser enclosures. 

This saves time and costs in the series production process. The safety door closes at the touch of the button and triggers the marking process automatically. Once the marking process is complete, the door opens again automatically. 

Lateral through-loading - with conveyor belt or brush curtian

Side loading is an important function of a laser marking system that enables efficient handling of workpieces. 

This technology allows components to be fed into the laser work areas from the side, ensuring convenient and fast loading and unloading. 

The side brush curtain enables components of different sizes and shapes to be labelled, such as: 

  • Plastic cable ducts
  • Cable coatings
  • Aluiminum profiles
  • Metal pipes
  • And much more. 

Laser marking system LMF "Easy" & "Pro"

Our LMF series is characterised by simple operation and high marking speeds. No compromises are made in terms of quality and flexibility. Positioning aid and focus finder are part of the basic equipment as well as a protective housing per laser class 1. The series is also optionally available with a rotation unit and automatic lifting door. 

Suitable for: Texts, logos, vector data, QR Codes, DMC codes, 2D codes, variable data sets and image engraving.

Compact design - maximum flexibilty

LMF "Easy"

Compact and cost-effective marking laser for one-off production

LMF "Pro"

Powerful fibre laser for series production and 24/7 operation

LMI labelling laser for integration

The laser engraver for every installation situation

Customised and powerful

  • Flexible and simple installation
  • Customer I/O interface
  • PLe safety device (emergency stop + interlock)
  • Focus laser +pilot laser


  • Fieldbus connection
  • Integrated axis controller
  • Integrated PC

For all power classes from 3 - 200 watts

  • Fibre laser 1064 nm
  • Green laser 532 nm
  • CO2 laser 10600 nm
  • UV laser 355 nm

3D laser system

Curves or objects with extreme geometries are no challenge for our 3D laser systems.

Up to 80mm height difference can be compensated without moving the component or the laser head.

High speed and low drift scanner technology - 2D and 3D.

Fast - Flexible - Precise

Scan heads for highest throughput rates and precision.

The camera view option makes positioning even easier! The working area is recorded by an integrated camera and displayed in real time in beLaserMark. This allows you to easily position the desired laser image on the object to be marked without the need for an adjustment part.

Target and position lasers are always included as standard in addition to the camera view option.


- Version 2020 now available in 5 additional languages.

- Up to 6 lasers simultaneously via one software interface!

- Direct webshop laser solution.

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