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Laser engraving of various materials

Laser engraving on wood, metals or other materials is a variant of laser inscription in which the respective material to be engraved is removed from the work piece. The laser engraving serves a simple, flexible production of a forgery-proof and durable marking on the respective product. The engraving with the laser is done mainly on metals, wood or materials consisting of basically harder coatings. Especially in tool and mould making, engraving of typefaces, logos or other markings moulds or tools are engraved directly with the laser.

werbung21For example, laser engraving on a silver anodised aluminium flashlight. The anodised coating was removed and the aluminium was exposed. Aluminium usually turns white during laser engraving. Especially with coloured anodised or coated metals, the engraving is very beautiful. A laser engraving on steel turns brown to golden brown in most cases. By normal markings or by engraving promotional items usually a depth in the μ range is sufficient. In the case of very heavy-duty tools, deep engraving in the mm range is used with powerful lasers.

A laser engraving always uses a pulsed laser beam which acts accordingly to the respective material and thus removes it or deliberately breaks it.

Laser material removal and laser engrave

lasergravur grafik

If you also want to engrave your parts and products by a laser, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you and help you competently. Use our contact form or call us without obligation at the number +49 (0)9820 91897-20.

Examples for laser engraving:

Lasergravur Holz
Lasergravur Glas
Laserbeschriftung Glas
Lasergravur auf einem Schild
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